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Is there an article about the Sporting Goods Industry in BusinessWeek (Business Source Elite)?

Two students were looking for an article about trends or issues in the Sporting Goods Industry. The article had to be from BusinessWeek (they were under the impression that it could not be from Bloomberg BusinessWeek) and had to have been published in 2010-2015. They were to use the database Business Source Elite for the assignment which was for one of Jaclyn Rundle's classes.
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We could not find ANY articles that matched those exact specifications and were relevant to their topic. They left saying that they would ask Dr. Rundle to change some of the specifications. I asked Mary to also search to see if she could discover something I missed and she too found nothing relevant. I sent an email to Dr. Rundle detailing the problem and results and she emailed back to say that BusinessWeek and Bloomberg BusinessWeek are one in the same. Therefore, students should be able to use articles from both. She then sent an email to all of her students relaying that information.
Answered by Mackenzie Uhlenhopp

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